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We work on what is going on in your life in a consultation and I make you a custom, concentrated blend for your own personal healing and health, a liquid extract that will last 3 weeks to one month.

 Included is the

  • consultation,
  • concentrated remedy blend,
  • shipping and a
  • follow up appt.

 We work together from beginning to end to heal whats in front of you and get you on your path to freedom and happiness.  You will find it amazing, See client video testimonials on home page. 

The difference between the sprays and remedy blend is

  • consultation to create exactly what your needs are (I will determine through a consultation)
  • I make a one oz concentrated blend that you take 
  • I am with you through your journey of health & healing
  • A Follow up appointment is included
  • We work on your journey throughout your healing together