Relieving a Candida Infection, Thrush on Tongue, Candida Cleanse Remedy Blend

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I use a three part method to help relieve a Candida infection, thrush on tongue using a candida cleanse made from plant medicine.  We use a system, a process taking a blend of flower remedies, plant medicine remedies and taking these extracts, drops over a few weeks time.  You get three different 1 oz bottle of plant extract drops that you take before meals.  All labeled and very easy to use.  You will notice feeling better in a few weeks.  All natural, beautifully safe and powerful.  You will receive 3- 1oz bottles of flower remedy blends.  No taste, very simple to take. 

I use  Flower remedies considered vibrational medicine where it works on our mind, our soul, our body to work to self heal the body and bring us back to a positive state of mind.     

DIRECTIONS:  You will get more in depth instructions and receive what each plant medicine extract is.  You will take drops 3x day for 2 weeks, then other drops for 2 weeks, and a third bottle of drops for 2 weeks before each meal.  Simple directions come and you will receive free of charge ($250 value) a 15 minute follow up consultation if you like.  

 INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water with a powerful blend of flower essences and the essential oils for anxiety of Lavender Peppermint. There are no toxic chemicals, no phosphates, no animal testing, Vegan. Our plant based extracts come from all over the world, and our products are made in the U.S.

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