WEIGHT LOSS GOALS! All Natural Body Sprays Using Bach Flower Remedies and other powerful Remedies to help commitment to weight loss goals, motivation, procrastination, perseverance | Strongest Minds

WEIGHT LOSS GOALS! Bach Flower Remedies to help commitment to weight goals, motivation, perseverance, empowerment

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WEIGHT  GOALS! Weight Goals is a 1 oz concentrated blend of Bach flower remedies and other powerful flower remedies that can be taken orally or as a body spray (directions below).  Weight goals focuses on the mental/emotional strong mindset.     This product does not "melt" off the weight physically, it give perseverance, strength, motivation to reach goals with inner strength and empowerment.  To stay on track, and give the fortitude not to  give up.    In it are remedies that will help when  in your negative state if you


  • Give up easily on your weight goal
  • Easily become resigned and discouraged
  • Lose  interest 
  • Cannot hold your vision
  • Get off track easily
  • Lose confidence
  • Feel guilt 
  •  Feel a Lack of commitment
  • Cannot stay focused
  • Feel Negative mood swings 

  • Internally set goals and priorities 
  • Continuously apply yourself with inner drive 
  • Feel proud of yourself
  • Have and maintain single pointed focus
  • Helps to form a clear mental picture & vision of exactly what you want to manifest and achieve
  • Gives the mindset and drive to stay on track, or get right back on track
  • Brings out your inner willpower
  • Perseverence
  • Feel empowered, focused and strong
  • Feel pure positivity and find yourself working towards  all your goals
  • Side effect:  Joy, kick butt empowerment!  Thats what flower remedies do for you, they bring out your true self, your best self 

1 oz. dropper bottle with simple instructions 

Bach Flower remedies, also know as Bach Flower Essences and other strong plant extracts target our emotional/mental state of mind taking us from the negative to the positive - to feeling weak and bringing us back to empowered!  

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DIRECTIONS:  Hold it over your head and let it fall around your body and spray your wrists.  Use it daily 3-6x day and also as needed if you are having a weak moment.  Because there are no essential oils, you can also spray directly in your mouth or any drink.  Very safe, very effective, very powerful on your mental strength to accomplish all you want!   

 INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water with a powerful blend of flower remedies.   There are no toxic chemicals, no phosphates, no animal testing, Vegan. Our plant based extracts come from all over the world, and our products are made in the U.S.

Great Holiday  gift, stocking stuffer, peer gift, teacher gift, tutor gift.

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